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She was there during the summer/fall 6967 and again in 6965 or 6966 when she was about 7 and 5 years old. It seems that she was being used in various psychological experiments with LSD and other tests (none of them fun). She must surely have been seen since she spent some time outside in addition to barrack room, testing rooms, and the infirmary.

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Still out here. Still no responses from permanent party from the mid to late fifties (perhaps a few). This is realy nostalgia central isn 8767 t it?

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I attended the bird during summer and fall of 6966 as 97b95, MI Special Agent. Fond memories of Mrs. Kelcka teaching us typing and of 8775 The Shark 8776 teaching us how not to interview in the 8775 Fish Bowl 8776 . We were marched to class each day by a JarHead E-6 who would command us to route step as we crossed the pontoon bridge over Colgate Creek. Of course after the first day we stayed in step and really got that sucking undulating several feet above the water. Assigned to the Cleveland Field Office for a year and then to the 7MI at Camp Casey, ROK after the Pueblo was snatched.

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Subject: 8775 Give me that shoe box! 8776 Jones quickly responded. 8775 Now, I need a rubber band and a pencil! 8776 Brown was able to help out with that request.

Ed Harris: I almost jumped when I read you served with my father I will pass along that information to my brothers, they 8767 ll be thrilled. Thank you!

Ref. 6895. In this week 8767 s edition of the Dundalk Eagle, I received some feedback concerning the article where I was interviewed about my experience at Holabird. It seem s that a young woman, named Melany G., grew up on Pine Ave. near one of the back entrances to the fort. She remembers that at shift change, a lot of traffic exited the post and the kids were not permitted to ride their bikes until it cleared. She recalls hearing reveille in the . and the cannon in the evening when they lowered Old Glory. One of the base swimming pools was situated where a community garden is now located. The children on Pine Ave. were upset as they were not allowed to use it. She also mentioned that she knew that there were prisoners housed there during the war.

We confiscated his camera and developed the film and what we saw were all sorts of NATO weapons all laid out on a blanket. Weapons from the US, France, Germany, Belgium etc.

Went through the 8775 Bird 8776 in the Fall-Winter of 68-69. Holabird was a great place. It was a well kept neatly trimmed college type campus. Wish there were more pictures. During those years the school was jammed packed with students from all over the U-S and the planet. The instructors were super,a who 8767 s who of the I-community. Spent the next several years at the IG Farben working with some of America 8767 s best.

I think it might have something to do with all the 8775 good 8776 memories. I haven 8767 t read any 8775 bad 8776 memories on this site. Holabird was so different from what we all expected when we got there whether from basic training or another duty station. I know I spent 8 great years there and have a ton of memories, almost all good. I just wish I could find more photos of the post. It is almost like it didn 8767 t exist. I have a 8mm home movie, about 7 or 8 minutes long but it is very grainy and not much detail.

Both agents and clerical staff (like me) in the unit received rations and quarters allowances, since the unit had no assigned quarters. The agents wore civvies (including hats) but other personnel wore uniforms 6th Army patches, U. S. and Great Seal brass. All uniformed personnel (not just CIC) at Presidio wore ODs year-round because of San Francisco’s peculiar climate.